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Three Reasons To Disinfect Your House During COVID-19 Pandemic In Singapore

Currently, over 40,000 people are COVID-19 positive in Singapore and there is no known antiviral drug that can fight the novel strain nor a vaccine that could help develop immunity against the virus. Following social distancing protocols and thorough disinfection are the only protective measures that have proven to be effective in reducing the spread of the virus.

The following are the THREE main reasons to get your household disinfected amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rate Of Transmission Is High

Disinfection Service Singapore justcleanIT

The rate of COVID-19 spread is high, the air-borne droplets produced during talking, sneezing, and coughing can travel up to two meters, and post-aerosolization can remain infectious in the surroundings for approximately 3 hours. This means that an infected individual may have contaminated the environment long before you were there and you can still get infected.

Disinfection Service Singapore justcleanIT

The symptoms of COVID-19 appear late and sometimes infected individuals show no symptoms at all but in both cases, the individuals can shed the virus. 

Your household, workplace, and other public spaces can get contaminated in two ways:

  1. It is possible that an infected individual may have visited your home, been at your workplace, or any public space and contaminated any inanimate surface
  2. It is possible that you may have brought a contaminated item into your house or that you were exposed and brought the virus home.

The Virus Can Survive on Inanimate Objects

At room temperature, on inanimate objects and surfaces, human coronaviruses can survive and stay infectious for up to 9 days.

Examples of inanimate surfaces on which the novel coronavirus can survive:

  1. Door handles
  2. Kitchen counters
  3. Tables
  4. Keys
  5. Remote controls 
  6. Mobile devices
  7. Currency notes
  8. Light switches
  9. Utensils
  10. Towels
  11. Bags
  12. Handrails
  13. Faucets

You can be exposed to the virus and expose others as well if you come in contact with a contaminated surface. Touching a contaminated surface can result in self inoculation of the mucous membranes of your eyes, mouth, and nose and cause disease.

Prevention is the Only Cure

The treatment provided to patients with COVID-19 is mainly symptomatic as there is no antiviral drug available that can fight the virus. Vaccine development is underway but for now, the only effective solution to fight this pandemic is to flatten the transmission curve buy being vigilant, following standard operating protocols, and disinfecting our households, workspaces, and public spaces.

Disinfection is a process that removes pathogenic microorganisms from inanimate objects. For effective disinfection, strong chemicals called disinfectants are required. Disinfectant chemicals act in the following ways:

  1. They can inactivate the pathogens.
  2. They can destroy the pathogens.

Each disinfectant targets a distinct group of pathogens and thus not all disinfectants can be used against every disease-causing organism.

Disinfection Service Singapore justcleanIT

Several chemical disinfectants require cautious handling as they can damage the skin if used in unequal or incorrect proportions. They can also destroy furniture, carpets, curtains, and other household items and also be a danger to your plants and pets.

Reiterating the fact that COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading disease and right now the most effective cure is prevention, there are several tips available online on how to disinfect your household but effective disinfection requires the following:


  1. Knowledge of the specific chemicals that should be used 
  2. Knowledge of correct proportions of chemicals that are to be used to eradicate the pathogens and decontaminate houses, workspaces, and public places.
  3. Expert handling of the chemicals to ensure no one gets hurt during the process and no household items are damaged by the chemicals and that the chemicals being used are environmentally friendly and safe for pets.
  4. Using a combination of chemicals prevents the development of resistance and tolerance against the chemicals being used. 

Using chemicals without knowing the aforementioned points can do more harm than good. Amidst the pandemic, it would be advisable to hire professionals for effective disinfection.


Disinfectant services in Singapore can help you successfully get rid of the disease-causing microorganisms present in your household by ensuring that high-quality chemicals are used in just the right amount.

justcleanIT is a cleaning service in Singapore that provides excellent disinfectant services by using hospital-grade broad-spectrum virucidal and bactericidal disinfectants in well-calculated proportions for households in Singapore. The team at justcleanIT follows strict guidelines provided by the Singapore Ministry of Health and The National Environment Agency, to control the spread of the virus. The team takes pride in ensuring the safety of their clients.

justcleanIT guarantees customer satisfaction by providing specialist services and added customization if needed. The professionals are always ready to listen and advise on the most effective plans for disinfection. The consultants also provide a final inspection after the team of cleaners has thoroughly disinfected the house to make certain that no errors were made. 

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